Dental Membership Plan – Downers Grove, IL

Affordable Dental Care Without Insurance

We offer an annual dental membership plan that allows individuals and families to receive quality dental services from Dentique Dental of Downers Grove for a reduced price!

Once the Dental Membership fee is paid, you will be entitled to the program benefits for 12 months. Spouses and dependents who live in the same household are eligible for program enrollment at an even lower cost. This membership can be renewed annually.

Membership Fee:

Member: $50

Each Additional Member (Who live in the same household): +$25

Membership Includes:

  • 50% OFF All Preventative Services
  • 20% OFF All Major Services

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The Advantages

  • Low Cost • No Deductible • No Limitations on Pre-Existing Conditions
  • No Claim Forms • No Annual Maximums • No Waiting Periods

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